Limestone Family YMCA

2-3 Room

Age range  2 - 3 years

Once your child becomes 2 years old we extend our activities to foster the independence skills that they are striving for. These activities will help promote the children's fine motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, communication, language and social skills and preferences.  Children predominantly play freely and can use their imagination for role-play activities, music and dance and are encouraged to self-select toys from units that are at their height level.  Staff will encourage children to join in some adult-led activities such as story-time or creative art.  Children additionally have daily opportunities to play indoors or outdoors in our all-weather. 
The room always has a cosy book corner, which is used by the children for small group story times as well as individual book sharing and quiet times.  This helps to promote language development and a love of books.
Examples of some of the activities included are: painting, sand & water,  collage, play dough and construction play such as building blocks.  We have a range of dressing up toys and our role-play area is usually a play kitchen as we find that's what 2 year old's love the best!
When your child is ready we will work with you to encourage potty training. Until that time we ask that you provide diapers, wet wipes and a change of clothes for your child.
Program Cost
$100.00 $25 (3 day min)
$95.00 $25 (3 day min)
Before School
$23 member
$28 non-member
$8 member
$10 non-member
After School

$38 member
$48 non-member

$11 member
$13 non-member
Before & After School
$53 member
$58 non-member
No Daily

YMCA Child Care accepts Ohio and Kentucky Child Care Assistance payment program.


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