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Personal Training 

One-on-One Sessions

These sessions are ideal for individuals seeking to be pushed past their physical limits. Your trainer will modify each workout session according to your progress and goals.Buddy Sessions (two participants)~ Finding a partner will keep you more accountable for maintaining a regular workout regimen and your cost will be cut in half!

                    Member    Non-Member
One session   $30          $40
Five sessions  $142       $190
Ten sessions   $270       $360

Group Sessions

(Up to five participants)
These sessions do incur an additional cost, but are ideal for participants who feel more comfortable working out in a group setting, but who still wish to get individual attention. 

                    Member    Non-Member
One session   $60          $80
Five sessions  $282       $380
Ten sessions   $540       $720

Group Fitness

Group Exercise may just be what you are looking for! With a variety of classes to choose from, group fitness will give you an experience that will keep you coming back for more. Our instructors are prepared to inspire and motivate you to change or help you continue to make health and fitness a lifestyle. Our staff provides a safe, fun and effective environment and welcomes all participants regardless of age, gender or fitness level.

Please come to class with appropriate shoes, a water bottle and a towel. For the safety of our members, please refrain from bringing small children into the aerobics room during our classes. Don't forget to be on time.

Spinning-indoor cycling

Cycling classes take you on imaginary, indoor journey of a real out door bike ride. Get a great upper and lower body and cardio workout in this intense class. Ideal for all fitness levels.
Instructors: Tina Rigdon or Sherri Cropper

Zumba Mix

Zumba cardio dance combined with strength and toning.
Instructors: Beth Hall, Stacy Lewis, or Katie Edgington

Instructor's Choice

Class may be RIPPED, HIIT, Insanity, Circuit Intervals, we will switch it up!


Early bird call consists of 45 second intervals of cardio and strength! Can be modified to all fitness levels!
Instructor: Tara Prater


This interval challenge class incorporates resistance, interval, power, plyometric, and endurance training to give you a "one stop body shock".
Instructor: Alisa Grimes 


Classic step aerobics class with weight/strength training and mat work.
Instructors: Steve Jesse or Shawn Ross

Crazy Countdown

Little to no equipment needed to achieve muscle fatigue, plus cardio in between sets.
Instructor: Tara Prater

Relax & Renew

Using movement with breathing techniques; increase your strength, balance, coordination, and concentration while calming your mind and reducing your stress.
Instructor: Tara Prater

Cardio Circuit & Abs

Elevate your heart rate 60-80%, of your max, during short burst of rotating cardio circuits then end with ab blasters!
Instructor: Tara Prater

Strength Train Together

Blast all your muscles with a high-rep weight training workout.  Using an adjustable barbell, weight plates and body weight, this workout combines squats, lunges, presses and curls, with functional integrated exercises.  Dynamic music and a motivating group atmosphere will get your rate up, make you sweat and push you to a personal best.

Balance and Flex Together

60 min. mind & body workout that incorporates yoga and Pilates fundamentals.







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